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 Botanicals Elements from earth Natural organic skincare.


Botanicals products have won many prestigious awards including best brand in the freefrom skincare awards.

These wonderful products are produced to the stictest standards for organic integrity. They are made fresh and in small batches, to preserve their active botanical properties-ensuring the active nutrients of the plant are not destroyed by heating or over processing the botanical formulars are concentrated- meaning a little goes a long way and typically last two to three times as long as other skin care brands.

100%VEGAN and cruelty free, they are also free from hormone disprupting chemicals such as phthalates, they contain no harmful preservatives such as parabens and have no artifical colours and fragrances or genetically modified ingredients.

Proudly made in england so less travel, Not tested on animals, Soil association Organic, suitable for Vegans.


A purely proffession nail care product for hands and the feet with custom care nail polish or  GELeration gel soak off polish.

Diamond Glitters

Gel Perfection is a Hema free professional only soak off gel polish


Botanicals skincare


GELeration soak off polish

No drying time needed as flawlessly drys in seconds

No smudging

Protects the natural nail - gives weak problem nails a chance to grow

High shine glossy nails.

Simple to remove in under 15 minutes

wide colour selection. 

£33.00 GELeration manicure


Botanicals elements of earth Body oils
Muscle ease,  Spa detox, Harmony, 
Indulgence, Revitalise, Deep peace