The Relaxing Zone
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For waxing I use a combination of soft strip wax and hot/hard wax 
I use a wax from Cirepil which is a non strip wax and a strip wax both specially created for sensitive areas and delicate skin.
benefits are Hypoallergenic, rosin and beeswax free, gluten,paraben and cruelty free, vegan formulated,
low gentle temperture for a gentle hair removal.

1/2 leg includes the knee            £17.00
3/4 leg mid thigh                       £20.50
Full leg                                     £26.50
Bikini to underwear                      £11.00
Hi-Line Bikini
4-5cm inside underwear line          £16.00
Underarm                          £11.00
Lip or Chin                         £9.00  
Eyebrows                           £10.00 
Brazillian landing strip                 £27.00


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