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Hands & Feet Treatments

Standard Manicure                                              40mins     £25.00 
Luxury Manicure with heated mitts                         1hour    £33.00                   
Standard pedicure                                               45mins     £28.00
Luxury Pedicure                                                  1hour    £35.00
foot spa and heated booties  
File & change of colour regular polish                         £15.00  
GELeration/ Gel prefection soak off gel polish 12-21days
Manicure                                                 45-60mins         £33.00
Pedicure                                                  45-60mins          £35.00
Change of GEL polish                                            £25.00
GEL polish removal                                                 £10.00
There is no charge when GEL polish is being reapplied

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